How we do it

Each person is unique and the professional and career development plan should be as unique as you. Your professional skills are never the same as anyone else so the plan will be customizable to you. 

Goals will differ for each person but the Grit & Glue objectives sit on the same foundation.

Grit & Glue will provide through their Grit Iron and Pivot Programs for all participants to improve their communication, conversational, accountability, character, leadership and personal (on and offline) presence.

Through a structured plan, participants will take ownership of their decision-making with life, career, and future choices.

Professional and Career Development


What makes Grit and Glue special?

Perfect for teams, departments and organizations is the total package (Grit Iron + Pivot Program), please contact


Personalized transitional program that is intensive based on needs and goals (features Grit Iron and more)

  • Intensive Networking (Panels, Meetings, Shadowing)
  • Informational Interview Introductions
  • Social Media and Online Branding
  • Site Visits
  • Virtual Classes
  • Increased access to network and communication


Customizable plan based on needs and goals

  • Goal Setting
  • Career and Life Planning
  • More to Life Than Playing a Sport
  • Employer and Industry Relations
  • Job, Internship Placement
  • Classes
  • Workshops, Seminars and Scenarios


Education and Career Development

Whether you are transitioning through careers or looking to challenge your educational prowess, we all have interests and skills. Utilizing those skills and leveraging those interest to prepars you for career readiness and will allow you the opportunity to improve your existing skills and develop new ones through exercises designed for you.

Transition Programming

Transferrable skills are acquired in each and every experience you have encountered. It is the design to discover those skills and translate them into your new (or next) career. Using those skills as a building block tied with a strategic vision and direction for you to build your new platform will make your transition happen with ease.

Athletic Identity / Self Identity

While we tend to put stock in our careers, we often can lose our identities from time to time. It is essential to understand our identity and brace for potential change. By preparing and accounting for career movements, switches or transitions, we can focus on the identity we are building for the future rather than questioning.